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Innovative solutions in the field of the pneumatic and hydraulic automation


Interfluid offers a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic solutions and innovations to all industrial machinery manufacturers by offering high-tech integrated systems designed to meet specific working needs


Thanks to our ability and to the integration of some of the most recent technologies, we have assumed the objective of offering our clients a large range of ideas and solutions capable of optimizing production processes in many fields of application, with particular attention to the principles of efficiency, energy saving, safety and noise reduction.

Consolidates collaboration with leading companies in the sectors of processing plastic and rubber, of die casting and of energy, has allowed us to develop a significant case-history which has driven us to make constant improvement and innovation our fundamental principle.

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Main hydraulic products

We are specialized in the field of open circuit hydraulic pumps for the industrial sector, in analogue and digital proportional technology, in hydraulic variable speed servo pumps, hydraulic control units with inverter integrated.


INTERFLUID is specialized in the sale of hydraulic hydraulic pumps for industrial applications such as variable displacement piston pumps, internal gear pumps and fixed and variable displacement vane pumps.

valvole proporzionali Atos


Electrohydraulic proportional controls modulate hydraulic parameters according to the electronic reference signals and are used in open or in closed-loop controls. Interfluid is the official Atos service center for the repair and handling of proportional valves.
Servopompa per azionamento a velocità variabile


EcoTool unit is an high-efficiency hydraulic power unit controlled by an inverter. It is used to obtain a significant savings for machine tools.

Variable-speed pump drives for hydraulic applications

The PIISMA hydraulic servo pump system consists of a variable speed servomotor controlled by  inverter coupled with an internal gear pump, whose power may be constantly adapted to suit effective needs, in such a way as to eliminate idle machinery losses almost entirely.

Reduced energy costs up to 80% comparing with the traditional hydraulic systems

Reduced energy costs: the hydraulic servo pump can help you cut energy consumption by up to 80%

Reduction of noise up to 20 dB

The electric motor and pump speed is constantly varied by PIISMA to match the duty cycle requirement. This results in remarkable noise reduction

More compact size

The PIISMA system has provided the possibility to reduce the size of your pumps and cut costs.

Reduced oil heating requirements

A variable speed pump drastically reduces the heat load on the system.

Pneumatic control panels and high pressure power units

We are specialized in designing solution according to customer requirement taking care of manufacturing, assembly of all pneumatic and electric components till their final assembly. We design and mount pneumatic control panels and high pressure power units for air, oil, water and gas based on our customers technical needs and requirements.


These pneumatic control cabinets allow a simple and practical control of all the cylinders and pneumatic actuators which conform a certain pneumatic installation powered by compressed air or other fluids.


INTERFLUID designs and builds wide range of air driven power units for high pressure test  with water, oil and gas ready for use, maximum achievable pressure is 4140 bar (60000 psi).


INTERFLUID designs and builds wide range of air driven multiplier gas power units ready for use, maximum achievable pressure is 2069 bar (30000 psi).

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